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Developing your Store App.
Sell with pride on own App.


   *  First term price.

Many features can avail through adding free or paid plugins supporting woocommerce.

sell more with own e-commerce app

Much cheaper and Safe than multi-vendors

There are two important reasons to own an e-commerce store. First reason is, now every businesses are shifting to online, so if you are late, your customers will be with early birds, who flied to get the prey. Second reason is, multi-vendor platforms are an option to sell online, but a retailer is forced to share their customers with other sellers, due to multiple buying possibilities for customers. If you have own e-commerce platform, all your customers are safe under your feathers. 

  • Customers must activate their google account themselves to get free uploading and publishing of their android application. If customer need to register and publish application by us, please check the app publishing rate in footer menu.
Indiiz - Own an e-commerce platform with Android Application.
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